The HSBC Expat Explorer

Here’s a guide to researching your exile: HSBC’s Expat Explorer. This Oligarch lending institution, famous for its money laundering operations, also provides an outline to living abroad, mostly so you will set up your financial management in exile with them.

The Expat guide evaluates countries based on three different criteria: Economics, Living Experience, and Family Benefits. It then surveys about 27K expats (based on the comments on the site, mostly UK expats) and asks them to assign a rank to their experience. There’s no accounting for accuracy or rigor here, but the survey does provide a quick and simple way of getting a bead on the various opportunities you have for setting up your exile, albeit one skewed towards the subjective opinions of people with higher incomes.

What the Expat Explorer doesn’t do is provide any real information on managing the immigration process or bureaucracy in these various countries.


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