American exile is a community designed to support citizens of the United States as they relocate to other countries, and seek citizenship in those other nations. It is an open and inclusive community for American refugees, save agent provocateurs and trolls of the Trump Imperial administration. It seeks to ease the human burden of going into exile, to help coordinate the exile community and American resistance, and to archive and maintain the best things that the United States developed during its democratic period.

The site is organized around several points. First, there are pages organized around destination countries. Each of these pages contains information about how to emigrate to these countries; their living standards and social compact; their economy; their health and education institutions; their conformity to the rule by law. This information is regularly updated by expats living in those countries.

The sidebars on all the pages contain several subsections:

The Fascist Timeline contains links to news and articles documenting the American descent into fascism, defined here as arbitrary rule by authoritarians, the police state and surveillance apparatus, the scapegoating of minorities, foreigners and liberals, and the growth of the permanent war economy.

The Feudal Timeline contains links to news and articles documenting the dismantling of the 20th Century Welfare State, and its replacement by a global kleptocracy of wealth, with social injustice and stratification similar to that found in Russia, Brazil or Mexico.

The America Archive contains links to valuable American contributions to the world. It is an archive of things we have lost.

Because, with the election of Trump, we have lost everything.